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The Herd

You will find a beautiful herd of Alpacas in colors from white to black, including appaloosas (my secret passion) on our property. Our slogan “Breeding for the Finest” is almost self-explaning. Low micron fibre is the goal for resulting in high quality products. Therefore we are always looking for Alpacas with fine fleece to have persistent improvement within the herd.

Most of our animals are coming from well-known bloodlines from all over the world, and are being selected due to their fleeces, body structures and genetics. For breeders it is strongly recommended to pay attention to pedigrees, because the outcome of breeding selections will be more predictable and can prevent from negative surprises. We prefer strong bones for females, to support them in carrying a cria, and fertile stud males to get the females pregnant after one or two matings.

We focus on a high sophisticated health status within the herd, and protect our Alpacas from diseases by complying with strict biosecurity rules. We predict to use disinfection mats on barn entrance, we have quarantine for new arrivals (on our second property - 25 km away from the core herd), we use effective microorganisms in the barn, in drinking water, etc. We perform faeces examination for parasites on a regular basis, followed by specific deworming. Yearly treatment with clostridial vaccine for all adults, and for crias at the age of 3 months for the first vaccination and 4 months for the second, is obvious.

All of our imported Alpacas are tested for TB and Brucellosis and are traceable negative. They all have been bred on farms with international reputation and were hand selected by our own. Our philosophy forbids buying animals which we have not personally inspected. You pay a lot of money for them, and it is neither easy nor animal-friendly to return them, if you are not satisfied. Work with living creatures always brings responsibility and moral duty for their welfare.

Since starting our alpaca business we have been investing with consistency in education and practical knowledge. Considering that, we have been attending international held courses on breeding, birthing and farm management, as well as practical exercises in shearing and husbandry.

It is necessary to stay in contact with premium and experienced alpaca breeders worldwide, to guarantee improvement in one´s own herd. There is a fast development in quality of the animals and fiber processing. We try to keep our eyes and ears open for everything which brings us forward, and try to keep our eyes and ears closed for everything which wants to throw us back.

Enjoy the pictures /descriptions of our Alpacas and feel free to visit our beautiful four-legged friends!




Alpaca-Ranch EN COLORES, Austria, Gersdorf 3, 8524 Bad Gams, office(at)alpaca-ranch(dot)at